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New York Foundation
One of the first foundations in the United States, the New York Foundation was established in 1909. In 1911, a total of 19 grants were made. Appropriation No. 19, a gift of $500, went to a fledgling organization just a few months older than the foundation itself, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). For a century now, the guiding principle of the New York Foundation has been: that New Yorkers, given the proper tools and means, could create social change.
National Parks Conservation Area
User Interface Design Strategy
NYC Environmental Protection
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Conservancy North
New York Pathways
Web Design
Artist Cover Art
NYC Marketing
Branding, Creative Direction, Entrepreneurship
A Historic Flotilla to Reclaim Governors Island
Place Branding, Coalition Building, Creative Strategy
Waterfront Alliance
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
Hook Mountain Growers
Branding, Graphic Design
NYC Parks & Recreation
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
OurHudson Barge Tour
Branding, Interaction Design, Exhibition Design
North Cove
Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
City of Poughkeepsie
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Liberty Challenge
Event Identities
Fortune 100 Company
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Web Design
Hugo Neu
New York Outrigger
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Hudson River 2013 River Tour
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
Carl Schurz Park Conservancy
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design
Human Relations Media
Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design
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