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Life Signs
New York Foundation
New York Foundation (NYF) retained Level M to strengthen its identity with a centennial report and produce a new Drupal website. We gave NYF a bold, clean, modern design, opting for a minimalistic layout with a strong color ID and fresh typeface.
One of the first foundations in the United States, the New York Foundation was established in 1909. In 1911, a total of 19 grants were made. Appropriation No. 19, a gift of $500, went to a fledgling organization just a few months older than the foundation itself, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). For a century now, the guiding principle of the New York Foundation has been: that New Yorkers, given the proper tools and means, could create social change.
Conservancy North
Policy Recommendation: An economic development strategy for a community-driven waterfront.
Adobe’s Photoshop product team turned to Level M for fresh eyes on how to improve the user experience. Despite being the world’s leading imaging and design app for graphic designers, Photoshop has not been impervious to design sprawl over the years, a problem afflicting many popular desktop apps. Ideally, successive versions should result in a better overall user-experience. But for the big apps this is often not the case, where the design culture is more apt to add functionality than changing the organizing principles or design logic, even if it is results in an easier and faster to use product. For Adobe, our goal was to deconstruct the forest-for-the-trees design ethos, recognizing we need to get to the starting point or ground zero of the user experience. To guide our thinking we employed two approaches, philosophical and physiological. Occam’s Razor, a philosophical tool used to ground scientific endeavors, became the baseline for design in which the process that requires the least clicks and memory from the user is the right one. Physiologically, we recognize that the interface design carries far more information than the human visual system requires. Luminance, for example, needs to be judiciously and dynamically applied to the default workspace, rather than a static visual demand on the eyes. “Feather” and “Style” for example are the brightest tools on the screen and remain so despite being used or not. By prioritizing luminance around tools-in-use, we in effect reduce the amount of unnecessary visual data processing which in microsecond increments add up over the course of the day. One need only take in a real-world carpenter’s workshop to see the efficiency of a visible logical order of tools that are ready-at-hand.
User Interface Design Strategy
NYC Official Climate Change Report
Level M teamed up with with HydroQual to produce the ground-breaking Climate Change Report for New York City.  The policy report was presented to Congress and helped bring about the Mayor's Office of Sustainability.
Branding, High Level Messaging, Graphic Design, Scientific Illustration, Print Supervision
North Cove
Manhattan Wetlands and Wildlife (MWW) leads the clean up of North Cove along the Harlem River. We produced this event flyer in order to help MWW up-sell event sponsorship and expand interest in the local community.
Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
New York Pathways
A leading treatment center for people coping with sex addiction, New York Pathways retains Level M for full brand marketing support.
Logo identity and brand materials, responsive web design, media buying, writing assignments, event collateral
Artist Cover Art
NYC Marketing
Level M was awarded a 2-year contract to serve as a NYC’s brand strategist. Our job was not to wallpaper public space with logos nor constrain NYC's self-defining identity with a catchy tag-lines. Rather we innovated private/public partnerships for stronger city agencies and healthier vibrant communities. Based on city priorities, we developed concepts and presentation materials to attract private funding, including Target's to underwrite art and design programs for communities of need.
Branding, Creative Direction, Entrepreneurship
National Parks Conservation Area
“We hired Roger Meyer of Level M in 2018 to provide brand marketing support for a statewide membership drive. The results were 300% above expectation.” Cortney Worrall, Senior Regional Director National Parks Conservation Association, Northeast Office, New York City.
Reclaim Governors Island
Assignment: Help grow coalition and direct brand strategy including identity, digital, and print experiences.
Place Branding, Coalition Building, Creative Strategy
Waterfront Alliance
We produced the policy platform, The Waterfront Action Agenda which influenced Vision 20/20: New York City’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan and The Hudson River Estuary Action Agenda, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. For over 5 years the Waterfront Action Agenda has been the rallying point and face of WA across web and print media (also produced by Level M).
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
Hook Mountain Growers
Logo identity
Branding, Graphic Design
Scientific and Educational Artwork
NYC Parks & Recreation
Level M was retained for a joint project of NYC Parks and the Department of Environmental Protection to develop messaging for wayfaring signage. We also developed a proposal for city-wide signage that utilized Hypertag technology.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
Incubit, a go-to data solutions firm for Fortune 100 brands, turned to Level M for a fresh logo identity and website including messaging, nomenclature, infographics, and print materials.
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
OurHudson Barge Tour
The OurHudson 2011 Barge Tour hosted attracted 1,000 people to a floating interactive exhibit designed to engage river cities of the future of the Hudson River Valley. The tour generated hundreds of ideas from communities, media attention, and promoted the PBS release of the documentary Hudson Rising. Level M was retained by Hudson River Foundation to help produce the tour including the interactive exhibit and identity, art direct the creative components, promote the project, and manage the installation.
Branding, Interaction Design, Exhibition Design
City of Poughkeepsie
Level M was retained to develop a marketing program designed to attract new residents, new business, forge alliances, and reposition the city regionally and beyond. The campaign included design applications of a variety of promotional items including website, main street signage, postcards, etc.
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Liberty Challenge
The Liberty Challenge is the East Coast’s largest Pacific Islands festival and one of the world’s most competitive outrigger races. The public festival at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 is expected to draw 10,000 New Yorkers to the waterfront for a day of live entertainment, food and family activities. The June 11th event will also be the most competitive race field in the event’s history, with teams expected from Europe, Asia, the Pacific region and throughout the Americas.
Fortune 100 Company
Level M produced the front-end of of this real-time visualization portla for a Fortune 100 Company.
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Web Design
Client: Hugo Neu
Assignment: Produce high level messaging and tagline to facilitate a merger. Outcome: The merger resulted in the largest recycling company globally. 
High Level Messaging
New York Outrigger
For Novartis we developed this poster as both promotional materials for the Pathways to a Cure Conference and as a framed award to Alex Matter for the development of Gleevec, cancer targeting drug. The artwork rendering was based on the statue of Hercules in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Hudson River 2013 River Tour
New York State Department of Economic Development, Hudson Rising River Tour - Co-authored a grant for $150,000 to produce Hudson Rising in partnership with I LOVE NY, a summer long sustainability celebration and river tour. Roger served as the event director, produced the website and social media plat- form, helping to draw 11,000 people to the waterfront of river cities. Hudson Rising included heritage ships, local foods, environmental stewards, and films and talks about catalyst projects that are transforming communi- ties. The popular band R.E.M. also granted the event the tagline: “Stand in the place where you live”. Hudson Rising was made possible from a broad collaborative of green groups, business, local and state agencies and a grant from the New York State Department of Economic Development and I LOVE NY. http://hudsonrising.com
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
Carl Schurz Park Conservancy
Integrated print and web marketing platform
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design
Human Relations Media
For over a decade our design and animation has appeared in public schools in print, interactive and video materials. Educational publishers including Encyclopedia Britannica, Leap, Human Relations Media, Sunburst, and Rainbow, turn to us for our ability to translate complex concepts into clear striking instructional graphics across a variety of styles. We have developed hundreds of technical graphics in math and health science often for topical issues that have garnered award recognition.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design
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