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National Park Service
Brand awareness strategies for the National Parks of New York Harbor.
SAS Business Analytics
Thought-leadership and customer engagement strategies.
A brand strategy to expand Finland's trade opportunities.
Hudson Rising River Tour
Celebrating greener cities with farm feasts, heritage ships, and outdoor adventures.
Incubit, a go-to data solutions firm for Fortune 100 brands, turned to Level M for a fresh logo identity and website including messaging, nomenclature, infographics, and print materials.
Liberty Challenge
National Parks Conservation Association
When America's national parks were under threat, NPCA turned to Level M.
American Express
International event identities to support advanced drug therapy platforms.
Life Signs
New York Foundation
Waterfront Alliance
Integrated digital and print policy platform.
OurHudson Barge Tour
New York City's Ground-Breaking Climate Change Report
Catalyst for the Mayor's Office of Sustainability.
Helping to Make the World's Largest Recycling Company
Hugo Neu retained Level M for communication strategies including high level messaging and taglines. 
North Cove
Manhattan Wetlands and Wildlife (MWW) leads the clean up of North Cove along the Harlem River. We produced this event flyer in order to help MWW up-sell event sponsorship and expand interest in the local community.
Conservancy North
Policy Recommendation: An economic development strategy for a community-driven waterfront.
New York Pathways
A leading treatment center for sex addiction, Pathways retains Level M for full brand-marketing support.
NYC Parks & Recreation
Level M was retained for a joint project of NYC Parks and the Department of Environmental Protection to develop messaging for wayfaring signage. We also developed a proposal for city-wide signage that utilized Hypertag technology.
New York City Marketing
Lead brand strategist under Mayor Bloomberg.
City of Poughkeepsie
Level M was retained to develop a marketing program designed to attract new residents, new business, forge alliances, and reposition the city regionally and beyond. The campaign included design applications of a variety of promotional items including website, main street signage, postcards, etc.
Reclaim Governors Island
How the forgotten federally owned Governors Island became one of New York City's hottests destinations.
Guiding Policy
From interactive events to creative awareness campaigns, we develop communication strategies that help shape policy.
Media Relations
Media Relations
Technical Visualization
Technical Visualization
Educational and
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