Level M helps organizations strategize and deliver ground-breaking campaigns, award-winning design, interactive technology, and place activation. A boutique brand communications agency of seasoned professionals, we scale the team to fit the project in order to achieve cost-efficient outcomes.   
For 20 years Roger has been an energetic public space advocate and president of Level M, Inc, a communications agency delivering civic awareness campaigns, educational design, and place branding. 
A strategy and policy recommendation for community-driven place-making on the waterfront, from the 2016 Deep Dives lecture series hosted by Waterfront Alliance at Cornell University.
Career highlights include: 
Directed the national brand strategy to reclaim Governors Island. An effort that was recognized by the White House, won PR Week's Nonprofit Campaign of the Year, and helped bring about a historic boon in NYC's public space. 
Served as Brand Strategist for NYC Marketing under Mayor Bloomberg;
Produced The Waterfront Action Agenda for Waterfront Alliance, a policy document that influenced NYC’s Vision 20/20 Waterfront Plan and DEC’s Hudson River Estuary agenda; 
Produced the Climate Change Report for New York City Department of Environmental Protection.  The report went to congress and helped launch the Mayor's Office of Sustainability;  
Co-authored a grant for $150,000 from Empire State Development to produce Hudson Rising in partnership with I Love NY, a summer long sustainability celebration and river tour; 
Founding member and former chair of Conservancy North, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping ensure the public spaces of Northern Manhattan are guided by the needs and aspirations of the community, and planned comprehensively to improve quality of place; 
Founder and former president of New York Outrigger, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit canoe club in the Hudson River Park;
Founder and former Executive Director of the Liberty World Challenge, today the largest established competition in New York Harbor.  
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